The following major text amendment proposals and administrative projects are currently under development by the PPZ Division of the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning & Community Development. Please check back occasionally or sign up to our mailing list in the right sidebar for updates.

Ordinance Management  

Type: Online Administrative Tool

The City is seeking to contract a web-based municipal code management and codification system to digitize the Somerville Zoning Ordinance and its amendment work-flow. The general public will be able to access an accurate, updated, and complete zoning ordinance with a single click from any device with internet access and be able to print or export any section to Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF. With a web-based editor and management tools, City Staff will be able to write, revise, comment, respond, and track changes to proposed amendments and then publish with a single click after adoption. The ordinance will be archived in a permanent cloud-library with a running record of amendment history for easy reference and historical research.

Timeline: Fall 2022

public notice

Type: Online Tool and Text Amendment

The City is currently researching possible improvements to the public notice of hearings held by the City Council’s Land Use Committee for zoning text and map amendments and the Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board for permitting. 

Timeline: Unknown

MBTA Community

Type: Text Amendment

Timeline: Summer 2022

Union Square Sub-Area (MPD Overlay District)

Type: Text Amendment

Timeline: Summer 2022


Type: Text Amendment

Timeline: 2022